Gail foster

Kolchak's girlfriend in The Night Stalker, during the period he was in Las Vegas.

The Night StalkerEdit

Gail had apparently been in a relationship with Carl Kolchak for some time. They showed little sign of forward motion, but both seemed content with things as they were. She was also the only person Kolchak went easy on when he was in search of a story.

She worked at the Gold Dust Saloon. Kolchak wanted her to quit that job.

After the death of Cheryl Hughes, she wanted to help Kolchak catch the murderer in any way she could, and even gave him the idea of pursuing the supernatural angle of the case.

She was sent out of Vegas by the authorities. Kolchak desperately tried to locate her, but was unsuccessful. Her whereabouts are unknown.


  • The Night Stalker
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