The Independent News Service (INS) was founded in 1904 by Enrico Paluzzi[1]. INS is a news wire service


based in New York City with a satellite office in Chicago.

Chicago Edit

The Chicago office was located on the third floor of the Old Colony Building at 407 South Dearborn Street in suite 304[2]. The offices were on the side of the building that ran parallel to the rail system of the L. The office is lead by Managing Editor Tony Vincenzo.

Employees Edit

Known employees of INS include:

  • Abe Marmelstein [1]- Big macher at INS in New York
  • Tony Vincenzo - Managing Editor of the Chicago Office
  • Carl Kolchak - reporter for INS
  • Ron Updyke - reporter for INS
  • Emily Cowles - Special features writer
  • Monique Marmelstein[1] - Intern, niece of Abe Marmelstein
  • Unnamed Mailroom Worker - delivers mail and helps develop film.

References Edit

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