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Welcome to a wiki devoted to the movies and TV show starring Carl Kolchak, the irrepressible reporter who unearths strange and bizarre things wherever he goes. Armed only with his trusty tape recorder, hat and camera, Kolchak unearths strange situations that nobody could ever believe... except him. And despite the attempts of the authorities to thwart him, Kolchak will never give up on revealing the truth, no matter how strange it is.

Carl kolchak

The power of Kolchak compels you!

Quick background infoEdit

This wiki will chronicle the characters, creatures and organizations featured in the two 1970s TV movies The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler, and the spinoff TV series Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Darren McGavin starred in all of these, which predate later paranormal and conspiracy series by decades and featured supernatural creatures that are unusual even today.

Information from comic books, novels and other supplementary material will be added if anyone can find them. At this time, the creator of this wiki does not own these items. 

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