Carl Kolchak's long-suffering boss, who somehow keeps ending up hiring him despite the disastrous supernatural cases that Kolchak is always getting involved in. Played by Simon Oakland.

Biographical InformationEdit

  • His full name is Anthony Albert Vincenzo.
  • An apocryphal story has his father leaving town the day he was born.

The Night StalkerEdit

Vincenzo is annoyed by Kolchak's attitude, believing that Kolchak thinks he's worthy of a more prestigious job.

The Night StranglerEdit

Having settled into a new job in Seattle, Vincenzo encounters Kolchak lecturing people about the vampire incident in a bar. He offers Kolchak a new job, and at first things seem to be going well. But he becomes more and more agitated as Kolchak reveals the bizarre facts of the case.

At the story's end, he is fired and exiled from Seattle along with Kolchak and Louise Harper.

Kolchak: The Night StalkerEdit

Vincenzo settles in the city of Chicago, and becomes the editor of the newspaper there. Kolchak is one of several reporters working for him, along with Monique Marmelstein, Emily Cowles and Ron Updyke.

Kolchak's strange theories and actions often irritate Vincenzo, who is constantly trying to maintain order in his newspaper office. However, his eccentric staff often undermine his efforts to do so.


Tony Vincenzo is perpetually stressed-out and irritable, and sometimes does things just to spite Kolchak. However, he recognizes that Kolchak is a great reporter, which is why he keeps rehiring him despite the disasters that Kolchak brings on him.

On some level he may recognize that Kolchak's bizarre stories are true, especially since he has been the victim of cover-ups by higher authorities. However, he often resists the unbelievable even if it seems like the only logical answer and is supported by outside data, probably due to his longing for a more peaceful, ordered existence.

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