Wilma krankheimer

Watching her beloved dance.

Wilma Krankheimer was the partner of the late Gladys Weems (aka Charisma Beauty). She was played by Virginia Peters.

The Night StranglerEdit

Wilma was Gladys' long-term partner, and the two were nearly inseparable. They lived together, went touring together, and Wilma was always in the audience when Gladys was performing her dances.

Despite their solid relationship, Wilma seemed to be very insecure about Gladys. This may be because Gladys seemed to be attracted to men as well as women, since Wilma became very hostile towards Kolchak when he spoke to her lover on a few occasions.

Tragically, Gladys was killed by the Strangler in her dressing room. Wilma was there and attempted to save Gladys, but the Strangler was too strong for her. She was later seen being questioned by the police, in a state of shock and grief.


  • The Night Strangler